We build websites.

We took Uplift Scotland to the top.


The Brief

Uplift Scotland came to us with a set of challenges: Create a complete new website design, update their Facebook page, develop an easier way of managing their ever-growing bookings and enquiries and make it all mobile friendly.


Our Approach

After client meetings, we determined exactly what Uplift Scotland required from their new website, and equally as important – what their customers needed to be able to do with it.  From here, Chris and James M planned out an entirely new layout, design and content structure based around customer enquiries and booking behaviour.

In parallel to this James H developed a completely bespoke online booking system, allowing Uplift Scotland’s clients to check available dates, pay and amend their existing bookings online.

While all this was going on, Kit, Megan and Chris worked through the designs, fine-tuning every last detail to make sure the site was fast, slick and completely user-friendly throughout.  Prior to launch James M and Megan worked through the site, optimising the content to make it easily findable for search engines.


Within a week of launching, the new Uplift Scotland site had covered the cost of its rebuild entirely in new online bookings.

Their customers love its simplicity and ease of use, while the client now enjoys the huge reduction in admin work, no longer receiving (on average) 60+ booking enquiries per day asking about bookings and availability.

The online system manages every aspect of booking and availability, so Uplift Scotland’s team don’t have to.

Visit the site: www.upliftscotland.com