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Creatomatic Terms and Conditions



Estimates cannot not be held as a definitive price or schedule. Creatomatic Ltd will work to estimates to the best of their abilities, but cannot be held responsible for work going over budget or schedule, especially in the case of a project deviating from the original brief.

Budgets and Schedules

An estimated cost and timescale will be provided before the commencement of a project. Your project manager will be notified as soon as reasonably practicable if there is a predicted risk of cost or time overrun.

If a project goes over budget without deviation from the original brief, Creatomatic Ltd will offer a discounted rate for additional time spent.

Payment Schedules

Payment is required within 21 days of the date of invoicing. For projects, invoices will be issued during the project and also on termination of the project. For projects with an estimated value higher than £1000/$2000, we reserve the right to submit invoices on a monthly basis, following a deposit of 30% of full project value; this is negotiable depending on project value and duration.

Late invoices may be subject to a 8% late payment fee at our discretion, with an additional 10% for every further month overdue. Where work is undertaken on behalf of a company, the directors of the company are personally liable for payment of invoices on a joint and several liability basis.

Development time, expenses, and work in progress will be made available throughout the course of projects.

Senior design and development specialist time will be charged at £60 per hour; media and content development is chargable at £50 per hour; and junior work is billable at £40 per hour.

Cancellation or Postponement

In the event of a project being cancelled or postponed for any significant length of time, Creatomatic Ltd reserve the right to invoice for hours spent in development and, if appropriate, cancel work on the project.


Digital artwork files do not constitute finished artwork, as colours and rendering varies from device to device. Creatomatic Ltd cannot accept liability for errors following approval of printed design work. In the case that proofs are supplied, it is the responsibility of the client to check and sign off supplied printed files before going to print.


Copyright is held exclusively by Creatomatic Ltd until final project settlement is received. All design work, media and intellectual property copyright will then be passed on to the client, with all rights belonging to them.

Creatomatic Ltd will obtain appropriate licences for any licenceable media (images, video and audio) used in the design or build of any project. Should media be supplied by a client, all responsibility for appropriate media licencing and usage will remain with the client.