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Nith Inshore Rescue

An emergency search & rescue job for this vital local service


The project

When their previous developers shut up shop and vanished, Joe and the rest of the team behind the invaluable Nith Inshore Rescue service were left up a bit of a creek without a paddle.

Fortunately, one of their volunteers also happens to be our oldest and favourite clients; Laurie (or ‘The Gas Man‘ as most people know him) who suggested giving Creatomatic a call to see if we could help pull them out of the mud.

Our role

After the initial ‘SOS’ call with Laurie and Joe we set about tracking down their domain’s login details, salvaged what content we could from their old site (via the life-saving WayBack Machine) and put up a quick holding page before setting about building them a brand spanking new website that ticked all of their boxes going forward.

Their wish list for the new website:

  • Clearly promote the work that the Nith Inshore Rescue service team does
  • Help with their fundraising efforts (although run entirely by a superb team of volunteers, there are numerous costs involved in keeping the operation going)
  • Give a little exposure and thanks to the scores of local people and business who kindly support them in all sorts of ways
  • Make it as easy as possible for updates, news and details of new team members to be added and managed in-house
  • The end result is a a complete redesign, a custom made Sponsors directory system, JustGiving link and a fully-featured new website that works across all screen sizes from desktop to mobile.

It’s a privilege to work with an organisation that’s so passionate about what they do, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the guys & girls behind this vital, life-saving service.  Like many, we hope never to need their services, but it’s hugely reassuring to know they’re there if we ever did.

“Thanks so much to James and all the team at Creatomatic for your help on this.”

Joe Bilous
Secretary, Nith Inshore Rescue

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