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Creatomatic blitz the Annan Raft Race

We’re not altogether certain that we can count this as part of our ‘award-winning’ blurb, mind…

Kit Allen


The Pirates of the Caribb’Annan storm to victory

Team Creatomatic managed a top result this weekend at the 2017 Annan Raft Race. An annual tradition, we’ve entered the race for the past four years, but our best place so far has been a lowly third position (we was robbed at that, too.)

This year, though, we decided we’d Go Big or Go Home.


A tour of the local scrapyards revealed an LDV minibus which was destined for the crusher. A little bribery and the roof was chopped off and in our trailer – ten quid well spent, and an ideal fibreglass hull for our raft.

A weekends work later, it was shortened down; reinforced with a sturdy timber frame with seating for six web designers; patched with glass fibre and Araldite; and filled with expanding foam insulation to complete the gaps.

Pirates of the Caribbannan storming to victory

Our trusty designers made short work of painting the outside (Ronseal Paint’N’Grain, for that authentic wood effect), and we even added a mast complete with Captain Haddock in the crows nest and (of course) the Jolly Roger. All that remained was to source pirate outfits, and we were ready to set sail.

And didn’t we do well…

Not only did ‘Pirates of the Caribbeannan’ win Best Dressed Raft, we also beat some seriously stiff competition to paddle to victory. First places all round!

Photography by the excellent George Carrick Photography.

*Footnote: Kit would like to reassure readers of a nervous disposition that he has since shaved off the Lemmy-style handlebar moustache and buttoned his shirt back up. He apologises to all readers for any distress caused.


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