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Say hello to Tweetomatic

Introducing Tweetomatic – the easy way to get your Tweets to display on your WordPress website again

James Hall


You really can’t afford to sit still for too long in this game, because sure as anything something new will come out and bite you in the bum

Normally it’s a plugin update that (for whatever reason) refuses to play nicely with something else you’ve got installed, but on this occasion we found that Twitter’s latest update to their API (Application Programming Interface – basically a way of interacting between sites or systems) prevented people’s Twitter feeds from appearing on their websites.


All those ‘latest Tweet’s you see dotted around the web? Gone.  What a pest.

So, rather than spending the day whinging about it  – admittedly, we did collectively spend a good hour or so whinging about it – Kit & I set about building a fix instead.

So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to Tweetomatic – the easy way to get your Tweets to display on your site again.

There’s a free version which should be fine for most people, along with a Pro version that allows you to display more than just one Tweet, and a few other extra bits which costs £3 / $4.

“Why the charge?”

As fellow Moz’zer Matthew Barby quite rightly asked

Well, truth is that we didn’t charge any of our existing clients to fix this, so by making what we build available as a WordPress plugin, it a) hopefully helps the wider community and b) recoups a little of the R&D time we had to put in to build it.


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