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Covid-19 Coronavirus Measures

We’re working remotely to help contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kit Allen


In light of recent developments with the spread of Covid-19, and taking government advice, Team Creatomatic will be working remotely from Thursday 19th March.

Over the last eight years we’ve waded in to the office during floods. We’ve ploughed through snow; we’ve sweltered in through heatwaves; I personally spent my birthday weekend last year helping rebuild a corrupted server (not that I remind people about it often, of course). This, though, is a different story altogether, and the safety of our team, families and clients has to be our main priority.

In the industry we’re in, we’re relatively lucky to be able to take our work with us, and we’re in a position where we need to be responsible and help contain the spread. We worked over last week to set up a new cloud-based phone system to enable us to continue to take calls away from the office; we’ll all still be available via email throughout the duration; and we’ll be happy to arrange remote meetings via Zoom/Skype/Google Meet as appropriate.

Useful resources

If you’re looking to switch to home working, you might find the following services useful:

File sharing: Dropbox/Google Drive
Remote meetings: / Skype / Google Meet
VoIP phone systems: CircleLoop
Tech support services (local to D&G/Cumbria): 8020 / Castle Computers / Qubiti / Sygen / Gemini / David Allen

One more thing. We’ve had a few clients ask if we can add alerts to their website to notify people of their response to the crisis – such as these examples for KilnfordWalker and Sharpe and Hewats. In light of the crisis, we’re doing this as a free service for all Creatomatic clients – just email [email protected] with what you’d like the notification to say and we’ll add this to your website.

This is, by all accounts, the most challenging global health crisis in a hundred years. We’re determined not to let it break us down, though – by working together and keeping calm and optimistic, we get through to the other side.

Stay safe – Kit, James and all at Creatomatic x


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