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EU Cookie Law Finally Dies and Goes Away

James Miodonski


According to Silktide, who we’ve linked to before on the subject, it appears that the ridiculous EU Cookie Law is dead. Got to love their take on it:


We called this when it first came up (see our Cookie Policy, which originally contained a bit less brevity and a lot more swearwords). A lot of somewhat unscrupulous web agencies used it as an excuse to charge their client base ridiculous amounts of money.

We didn’t. Yay, us.

Edit: OK, OK, it’s not completely dead and gone yet. A few people have spotted that, in actual fact, it’s moved to an Implied Consent model, whereby your usage of a website implies that you’re happy with the cookies installed therein – but as a site owner, you’re obliged to list any cookies in use on the site. Which sounds a lot more reasonable, practical, and enforceable from our point of view. KA


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