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Final update on GDPR and cookies

Here at Creatomatic, we’re having a wonderful time dealing with the final week in the run-up to the GDPR deadline. Here’s a few final things you should know before the deadline.

Kit Allen


If you’re anything like us, you’ll be getting thoroughly bored of the GDPR panic. Roll on Friday…

If you’ve got a website with us, most of what you should need to know is covered in our previous blog post, Your Website and GDPR.

One new thing since we wrote this, though, is that WordPress 4.9.6 is out, and includes built-in tools for extracting and erasing users personal information – so it’s worth making sure you’re running the latest version. You can learn how to update WordPress with our 1 minute screencast here.


The EU has had cookie legislation in place for some time. We’ve previously used the Catapult Cookie Notification plugin – but as this doesn’t allow users to opt-out of cookies, it’s not always 100% compliant in every website.

As a somewhat more robust solution, we’ve therefore put together our own cookie opt-in system which you can see working on our site (hint – if you’ve already dismissed it, open a new private/incognito window and load the site again). It’s got Basic and Strict Compliance modes built-in – so you can select whether to automatically collect statistics and preference data when users set up their preferences.

There is therefore three options you can take now to make sure your site is fully compliant:

DIY Cookie Notification Plugin – FREE

If you’re comfortable adding plugins to your own site, you can download and install the UK Cookie Consent plugin from Catapult. Here’s a screencast to help you through this.

Let us install the Cookie Notification Plugin – £25 + VAT

We’ll log into your site, update WordPress to 4.9.6 (if possible), and update it with the plugin above, as well as styling the display and checking the wording of the Privacy page for you.

Get our new GDPR compliant cookie notification – £75 + VAT

We’ll install our new cookie system and make sure that anything which stores cookies – for statistics, marketing or preferences – is truly opt-in for your users. We’ll also update your site to WordPress 4.9.6 (if possible) and add a privacy policy for you too.

If any of the following appeal, please drop us a note and let us know – we’ll get onto it ASAP for you.


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