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HQ IV – And we’re off

Where things are at one week in.

James Miodonski


Progress report: That didn’t take long

The good folks at C&C Joinery have been keeping us well stocked up with daily photo updates on how things are going down at the new pad. To summarise: they’re putting a shift in.

(Free tip for anybody in the construction business reading this : You cannot send your client too many ‘work in progress’ photos as you’re working through their project. It’s brilliant to see things starting to take shape from a safe distance).

“Mr Joiner: Tear down that wall”

(“And that one. And those ones over there too, please”)

At the start of the week our meeting room / downstairs office looked like this. Double doors – rotten, knackered and painted shut – to the right, false partition wall to the left and a couple of titchy and fairly useless spaces on the other side.


Chris and Colin went in swinging and we now have this:



Everything’s opened back up to how it was originally intended, with two big sources of natural light filling the room again. We may have to put some frosting up on that window if we start to feel like an exhibit, but we’ll see.

There’s a similar theme upstairs

‘Office 6’ was the worst room of the lot. Small and weirdly shaped with an old comms cupboard in the corner, caked in damp and mould (thanks, roof). Behind the walls to the right and back are two artificial corridors leading to what was the kitchen and then round to the series of stores and walkways.

Originally we’d thought about turning this into a changing and shower room, but the joiners had a much better idea.



By knocking both of these out along with the grotty cupboard we’ve now got the makings of a brilliant break-out space for getting away from the desk for a bit. It’s also totally removed two of the dank and dingy walkways that gave this part of the building an eerie and unwelcoming feel. Good riddance walls.



But what about that shower and changing room?

Well. In a display of why it pays to listen to the experts, joiner Colin made some observations:


Old Kitchen


He came up with the killer idea of turning this into the shower room – all the wiring and water is there and ready to go – and moving the kitchen further along into an old store room that we hadn’t come up with a use for yet. Genius.

So that’s now on the way out.



Along with the old disused water tank that hogged a sizeable chunk of the farthest away store room.


Old Store room


Which now looks like this.



Now time to get the kitchen plans approved and this can begin to start taking shape. Notable mention to Paul and his squad at PWP Plastering for their efforts in getting things ready and prepped well in advance – great work all round there.


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