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New signage is up

The front of the building has been given a well needed tidy up with a lick of fresh paint, the windows fixed up and fresh signage is now in place.

James Miodonski


And not before time.

Folks. Sorry, it’s taken a while but we’ve finally got the front of the building tidied up, sorted out and signs up.  Signs and window vinyls are looking ace, another top job by our man Ross at A1 Graphics & Applications.

Creatomatic 80a High Street front door

Since upping sticks at the turn of the year, we’ve found ourselves a wee bit out of the way.  Whilst yes, we’re now based slap bang in the heart of Annan town centre, the combination of a first floor office and front door location out of sync with our postal address has been the cause of much confusion.

A sample of recent phone calls:

You: – “Hi, I’m stood outside your office at Bridge House and you appear to have changed into an accountancy business?”
Us – “Oh, we moved in January 2017”

You: “I’m ON the High Street but I can’t see you. Where are you?!”
Us: “Ah yes, sorry about that. Our address is 80A High Street, but the front door’s round the corner on Lady Street.  Yep, we know…”

You: “Ok, so I’m at the traffic lights and I can’t see you?”
Us: “Look up and to your left, we’re waving at you.”

You: “Great, see you tomorrow. You guys have moved into the old Potato Merchant’s building, right?”
Us: “No, that’s not us.”

You: “I’m parked outside the Farm Shop, where do I go from here?”
Us: “Sit tight, we’ll come down and find you.”

Really, it was time to get this sorted out properly.

Hopefully we’re a wee bit easier to find now – Corner of the High Street and Lady Street, we’re behind the bright blue door.  Come on up!


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