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Now we are two

While there’s no ukeleles in this years birthday blog post, it’s a good time to have a wee recap of where we are in 2014.

Kit Allen


Today marks the second anniversary of Creatomatic opening its doors.

If our first year was all about learning and growth, our second has been focused squarely on building on these foundations. We’ve enjoyed another year of growth, but this year, rather than doubling the size of our team, we’ve grown the company itself, in terms of support, clients and equipment.

Work-wise, meanwhile, we’ve had the opportunity to pitch for house-hold name projects – and we’ve won more new business in 2014 so far than we took on in our entire first year. We’ve successfully made the transition into responsive design; we’ve redesigned and built our own website (not before time!); and we carried out work for clients in London, Paris, Rome and beyond.

For 2015, we’re looking forward to taking on our second office and pushing our services to an ever-wider audience – thanks as always to our loyal customers for another great year!


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