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Skeleton Staff – 11th & 12th May 2017

Chris McW’s getting married in the summer and is jetting off to sunny Spain this weekend for his stag do.

James Miodonski


There’s gonna be a wedding

This wee fella’s getting married in the summer and is jetting off to sunny Spain this weekend for his stag do.

Chris McWhinnie

To ensure things run as riotously and raucously as possible, Kit and James H are heading out to join (make?) the party on Thursday, leaving Paul, Alex & James M – all having drawn the short straws – behind to hold the Creatomatic HQ fort on Thursday & Friday.

Support Tickets

With three of our big-hitters away supping on Sangria, it may take the rest of us a wee bit longer than normal to pick up on non-urgent support calls. Please send anything major to [email protected] and it’ll be picked up and tackled right away.

Normally at this point we’d offer promise of a full and detailed trip report once the boys are back but, frankly, a) you really won’t want that and b) it ain’t happening anyway!  Do keep your eyes peeled for an emergency Just Giving page to help bail Kit out of Spanish custody sometime around noon on Sunday though.

See you on the other side.


El Team Creatomatico x

Stop press: ‘it’s not everyone that can say they nipped to Spain for a pint…’

It’s fairly common for Chris and James H to book themselves onto something fun (gigs, nights out, music festivals) and then spend the following weeks/months badgering the ‘boring old gits’ in the office (mainly Paul, but certainly to include James M & Kit) to come and join in.  It’s become a bit of a tradition for Paul to refuse point blank that he’s able to make it, and then appear out of the blue on the day.  You maybe have to be there…

Being traditionalists, we strung Chris (and James H, though Kit was in on it all along) along for months that they’d sadly be flying the Creatomatic flag alone whilst on the Costa Del Sol.  Little did they know.

Friday afternoon, bang on the 5pm siren, Paul & James M made a mad dash for Annan station, hopped on the next train for Newcastle and then caught the early-bird RyanAir flight out to Spain the next morning.

After hauling the Groom to Be out of his bed (at 5pm in the afternoon), offered a few stern words of encouragement and got stuck into the party.

As is always the case whenever we’re out, Paul met someone he knows from Langholm in the pub.


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