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Viva the mobile revolution

A question we get asked a lot lately is: ‘Will my site work on my phone?’ It will indeed. Here’s how.

Kit Allen


Browser stats

Not the most fascinating of subjects, unless you’re a web designer: in which case they’re extremely interesting indeed.

Like much of the industry, we’ve been keeping a close eye on user trends over the past few months. What we’re seeing is a move towards mobile and tablet browsing which has doubled in market share between 2012 and 2013 – and is predicted to outstrip traditional browsing by 2014.

You’ll probably know this by now, if you’re a mobile user. How many times do you think ‘I’ll just Google that…’ and pick up your phone rather than going and logging in to a computer? How many of your website users do the same?

Our response to this is what’s called responsive design. Briefly, it’s a way of building sites so that they’re displayed in optimal formats for mobile viewers (usually with smaller images and a full navigation structure), tablets and desktops. One website, multiple displays: it’s a terribly elegant way of working.

We’ve released a couple of sites which use this already, and we’re currently working on developing our first fully responsive eCommerce system at present. Drop us a line if you’d like to see what responsive design can do for you too.


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