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We’re back on our old phone number

You can now get hold of us on 01461 205437 again.

James Miodonski


The process of porting our phone number across from our office based Samsung VOIP system to the shiny new cloud-based one was scheduled to take about a week, so to allow us to still be fully contactable as soon as possible we moved to a temporary number.

The heroes at Zen who look after our phone and fibre lines managed to get this switched over ahead of schedule and we’re back in business on the traditional number – 01461 205437. We’ve had this one for almost 8 years and are quite attached to it.

What we’re now using

For anybody interested in such things, the phone system we’ve moved to is Circleloop, based near Manchester. Setup was fairly painless and their support team have been brilliant and easy to get hold of – something that we put a lot of value in.

We ditched our traditional desk phones in place of software and Bluetooth headsets. We invested in a set of of good quality headsets from Jabra so they can double up as comfortable headphones for our team to use all day.

So that’s all there is to it: a Circleloop account, the app installed and a headset to take calls on.

Does it work?

So far, so good.

Calls are flowing in and out and we’ve all just about got the hang of it (sorry to anybody who got inadvertently cut-off while we tried to transfer you whilst we were working out where the levers are).

Very occasionally we’re noticing a slight drop in call quality. Nothing drastic, just the odd blip that sounds a bit like a drunken robot, but it’s most likely down to the individual’s internet connection. If this happens during your call with us, please bear with us. Several of our team are fortunate enough to live in some very beautiful but pretty remote locations across the region, which comes with the downside of some fairly rudimentary Internet connection speeds. It’s a small price to pay, really.

As good as home fibre broadband is, it’s nothing like the connection we have in the office and most home routers don’t tend to allow the type of tweaking required to best optimise call quality. In short, I’m confident this will improve significantly when we’re eventually able to move back into the office again.


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